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  • Leadership Preaching

    Culture-Warrior or Bible-Preacher

    When the modern preacher spends time studying the Old Testament prophets he is often inspired by these bold leaders who seem to care little about audience reception and care nothing about…

  • Featured Leadership

    How to Leave Right

    Have you ever wondered if there is a “good” way to leave a job, ministry, church, or position? On this episode, Josh and Drew discuss the best ways to leave a…

  • Family Leadership

    The Power of Vulnerability

    Vulnerability is the shortest and strongest bridge that connects a leader to his followers. One of the most terrible accusations that can be made against a leader is that he is…

  • Family Marriage

    Help!  My Wife is Falling Apart

    We’ve been married now for 16 years, but it almost never happened. It was only months before our wedding when Heather came extremely close to canceling the venue, rescinding the invitations,…